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The world’s first digital restaurant restaurant  conceived and developed forty-eight hours on-air. 

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A unique take on Mexican dishes — delivering dynamic Eastern and Western flavours with dishes of tacos and bao buns to your doorstep. 

Optimised for delivery, La Takorea is a digital restaurant aimed towards a newfound form of convenience and comfort. One button away from having food right to where you are!


La Takorea is skillfully crafted by the participants Joy Koh, Nazee Sajedi, and Jessica Ramella, emerging victorious as the winning brand having delivered unique flavours while incorporating chicken from TiNDLE.


Many considerations were taken, and according to Ramella, considerations included whether our consumers were in a rush, have somewhere to go, or if they were eating with one hand while using the phone.

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Looking to go meatless? We’ve got you!
In collaboration with TiNDLE, we’ve been able to allow you to  savour the flavours in our menu while still allowing you to keep the lifestyle and preferences of your choice.

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Available at Harrys, or online on delivery platforms.

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Available at Harrys, or online on delivery platforms.

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